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74: How to Reprogram Your Beliefs

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If your reality doesn’t appear the way you want it to, why do you keep believing the same things over and over?

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Our is what becomes our reality.

This is the truth in every aspect of our lives, but I’ll give you a basic example we can all relate to. When you get upset at someone, chances are it wasn’t their intention to make us mad.

We end up going home, and stewing over what made us made. We look back on the events and find more justification for the way we feel.

How many times have you relived a moment, scrutinizing what someone said  just to prove yourself right? We become so obsessed with being right, we are willing to sacrifice the truth.

Ultimately we need to check in on situations more. Instead of reacting, analyze. Take a step back, and think about it. Most of the time our first reaction is the worst reaction.

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Your perception is what is upsetting, nothing else.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • The reality you live in today is a product of your beliefs.
  • Things don’t need to be true, they just need to be true to you for you to believe them.
  • We fight to make our beliefs true.
  • People would rather be right instead of have control over their lives.
  • There’s nothing that someone does, or how someone is that is upsetting you.
  • Ask yourself why you are feeling frustrated, and what is affecting you.
  • Most of the time you react to something that wasn’t the other person’s intention.
  • Everyone is providing you with feedback, it’s how you handle that feedback that matters.
  • Notice the reaction, don’t be the reaction.
  • Your first reaction is usually the wrong reaction.
  • When conversations don’t go the way you wanted, go and clear it up with them.
  • Your perception doesn’t always pick up on the intention.
  • Do you actively go around trying to piss people off? No. Neither are they.

You have a choice to give in to your reaction or to just notice them.

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