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118: How To Effortlessly Enroll With Alex Moscow

Sales are the lifeblood of business.  How you communicate with a potential client, buyer or customer is essential to the business and its growth.

In our culture today, sales are often regarded as something manipulative.  Movies such as the Wolf Of Wall Street portray a view of sales as conniving, even evil.  Though, there is no truth in this view, simply our perception of how to communicate with potential clients and customers.

And if it is so vital to each business, why do so many people experience fear and resistance around selling?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the experience of enrolling prospects into saying “Yes” to working with you was fun and easy?

On this episode of the Have It All podcast, we’re joined by Alex Moscow.  Alex is the founder of Effortless Enrollment and has devoted years of his life to helping others find their true, authentic voice to genuinely connect with prospects and help them enroll more clients with ease.

Download today’s episode to learn how you can start connecting authentically with your prospects and enrolling more clients.




The Cliff Notes:

  • There’s stigma in the collective consciousness around sales that has been passed down.
  • Resistance or fear comes from self-centric thinking.
  • When we’re thrown into a situation where we have to perform, we really get to know about ourselves.
  • Where am I attached of the identity of how I need to show up and limit myself of who I can be for the other person? (in being a coach, salesman, etc)
  • While there are identities and ways of being we are looking to give up, how is the preconceived idea of who I need to be limiting me?
  • When you show up as the highest and authentic self, enrollment can become effortless.
  • Showing up authentically, being the best version of yourself and speaking truth inside an enrollment conversation is the exact reason why people buy.
  • Show people you can help them by actually helping them on the sales call.
  • Truth outsells tactics.
  • Enrollment becomes effortless when you have your values inside of your enrollment process.
  • When you make it about money, you struggle.  When it stops being about money, you succeed.
  • Reading from a script will not be the magic bullet to enrolling clients.
  • Allowing someone to see their objection on the enrollment call as a pattern, then there is space for the prospect to get present to a choice.
  • If you get grounded in the value you bring, it may allow you to challenge someone on a call to make a choice when they see a pattern arise.
  • Key thing is to focus on the client rather than focusing on what you can get from them saying yes.
  • Try going for 10 “NO’s” by presenting an offer and expecting a no.  You may find that in not focusing on it being a yes, it attracts someone into saying yes.
  • Sales is not a one size fits all.
  • If you’re just getting started, have both parties come to a decision on first initial enrollment call on whether to work together or not.
  • Most common mistake #1: Putting time in the wrong places.  If you’re not at least at $500k in revenue, 80% of your time should be spent on sales and marketing.
  • Most people start with marketing instead of sales.
  • You can’t market yourself out of a sales problem.
  • Most common mistake #2: Not putting what comes up in your sales conversations back into they’re marketing message.
  • The sales process will provide you with what the most effective marketing should be.
  • Most common mistake #3:  The business engine isn’t in alignment with the vision or revenue goals.
  • People build a business engine based on what they see works for someone else, as opposed to strategically choosing a business engine that’s aligned with what will work for them.
  • When getting started in business, talk to real humans.  
  • Go to networking events and build your certainty about building something new.
  • Find out how your gifts can fit in your market.
  • Don’t be discouraged by competition; the message needs different messengers.
  • Finding qualified leads, starts with the avatar.  
  • Ask: “How are you most probable to make the deepest impact with?” to find your ideal prospect.
  • Once you’re grounded in who you are and what you have, it can naturally come out organically in conversation.
  • A sale can never be closed if it hasn’t yet been opened.
  • Open the sale by having a real conversation, don’t be awkward about inserting your business or offer right away.
  • Networking tip: When you walk into a room, taken on being a connector.  Look to find what someone is about and what their deepest need is and see how you can connect them to someone who can help.



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