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198: How to Become a Superhuman Learner with Jonathan Levi

“I discovered that there's a different way to learn than the way I'd apparently been doing it and the way that I think most people do it.” - Jonathan LeviClick to Tweet


Do you ever question why it seems like it takes you forever to grasp something that your peers might master in minutes? On the contrary, do you get frustrated when someone isn’t grasping something that you find effortless? 

Learning is different for everyone. From childhood, we’re forced into a one-size-fits-all system. The problem is it doesn’t actually fit many of us. We’re only taught what to learn rather than how to learn. 

That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we’re joined by serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and author Jonathan Levi. 

He’s always on the move for new projects to fill his plate with. He leads a program called Superhuman Academy which offers sources and courses that will help you optimize your learning abilities more than you ever thought possible. 

Tune in to this conversation to learn how to essentially hack your brain’s learning capacity!

You can learn more about Jonathan and his work here:



“My take is that human beings aren't meant to just sit at a desk and create. I think we're meant to wander, move and roam.” - Jonathan LeviClick to Tweet


The Cliff Notes:

  • There are several different ways to learn than what you’ve always been taught. 
  • We can use our learning struggles as motivators to find our own learning strengths.
  • Humanity isn’t designed to be stuck at a desk all day and “learn.”
  • Medication isn’t really the solution but it can catapult us towards a solution.
  • Money is a valid incentive to grow because money allows more freedom.
  • Know why you want to become a super-learner and how your brain works best.
  • We’ve developed a habit of not using our memory because of modern technology.
  • Recognizing information is not the same as retaining information.
  • The more you practice your learning skills, the more opportunities you find to learn.
  • Memory thrives on symbols and spatial imagery.


“We often confuse recognition with retention.” - Jonathan LeviClick to Tweet