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81: How Your Feelings Create Your Reality pt 1

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“Don’t think it through, feel it through.” – Marci Lock

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Everyone naturally focuses on what we are afraid of, and what we dread the most. It’s something we’ve done since we were children. We focused on our fears, and let them dictate our lives.

We still do it as adult, and what we concentrate on is what we bring into our lives. When we focus on money problems, or how hard life is, we find ways to bring that into fruition. Our perception is our reality.

If you learn to let go of your worries and fears, you’ll find the opportunities to grow in the ways you want to. Life doesn’t have to be difficult, and neither does our work. Our perception becomes our reality.

Believe it’s easy, and it will be.

On this episode of Have It All we are joined by the amazing coach, Marci Locke. Marci and Ilan sit down to explain what they’ve learned about life’s perception and difficulties through recent experiences with their children.

Download this episode today to learn about the programming you’ve developed from a young age and how you can change it today to make the success you want easy.

“Are you stopping to make money?” – Marci Lock

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Let kids know it’s ok to be scared and explore why.
  • We are constantly projecting the what ifs then wonder why it happens.
  • Your subconscious just hears what comes after the no.
  • Only you can heal yourself.
  • What you choose to focus on, you will attract – negative or positive.
  • You can create your own safety.
  • Learn to change you thoughts to what you want, not what you don’t want.
  • Your emotional feeling is 500,000x stronger than a single thought.
  • Heal your feelings, not just your thoughts.
  • Your fast responses are from the brain.
  • Feelings you need to sit with and tune in.
  • Engage the creative problem solving part of your brain.
  • You are programmed to believe life is hard.
  • Other people’s perception doesn’t have to be your reality.
  • Your frequency creates your result.

“Your issues with money aren’t about money. It’s about your inability to receive.” – Marci Lock

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