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54: Mark Krassner: How To Have The Healthiest, Happiest Baby Possible

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“When I look at all of the people who found deep purpose in their life, it started with deep work.” – Mark Krassner

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It’s hard to believe it, but your emotions during pregnancy can have a long lasting effect on your unborn child. Science has shown that mother experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety can end up passing emotional and physical disorders onto their children – such as ADHD and depression.

Luckily research has shown that there’s a fairly simple way to fix this problem. The answer is through meditation. It’s not just something that will help the child though, proper meditation during and after the pregnancy has been proven to help with postpartum depression.

Believe it or not, there’s an app for this. Expectful was created to help mothers have healthier and happier children right away. This isn’t just from an eastern philosophy or a spiritual outlook. There’s a ton of studies and science behind this. So much so that many western doctors are suggesting that expecting mothers start to meditating throughout their pregnancy – and after.

On this episode of Have It All we are joined by Expectful’s creator, Mark Krassner. Mark gives great insight, not only on how an expecting mother can help her unborn child, but what it’s like to start a business from something that didn’t have much research behind it when he started. He’s changed the way science views the emotional importance of a mother and the struggles that come along with changing a society's mindset.

Download this episode to learn why you can’t give up, especially when society challenges you.

When there’s a suggestion it allows the mind to drop into deeper levels than it will with a command.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • High levels of stress can affect a woman’s pregnancy.
  • Expectful is about the science behind maternal meditation, not spirituality.
  • Western doctors are getting behind expecting women meditating.
  • What happens emotionally with a woman can completely reprogram the child’s epigenome.
  • Postpartum depression can be helped with meditation.
  • Giving your mind a command isn’t as impactful as giving it a suggestion.
  • We tend to look ten steps ahead and miss what’s right in front of us.
  • There’s no option to stop and turn around. No matter what happens, you’re going to go through this.
  • There’s a million times where it make more sense to quit than to keep going, but only the most successful people keep moving forward.
  • Your level of commitment isn’t just what gets you through the tough times, it’s also what gets other people rallied in the cause.
  • If you aren’t feeling fulfilled, you’re on the wrong path. Don’t be afraid to move on to something new.
  • Don’t listen to what’s going on in your head, follow your feelings.
  • The people we admire most are those who went against what people expected of them.
  • Everyone is making a big impact by being here, one way or another.
  • Your job here is to follow your passion.

“People can feel your level of commitment to something. When you’re building something you need people to believe in you.”

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