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72: How to Heal Your Core Wounds

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Be aware of where your emotions are coming from.

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Many times we experience emotions we don’t expect. For example, you may be excited that family is coming, but find yourself getting irritable and anxiety kicking in. These emotions are coming from your core wounds, and it’s time to start analyzing and embracing them.

As children we all experience traumas. As children we don’t know how to handle it, so we force the emotions away. We say “I never want to feel this way again.” and every time these emotions resurface we fight them off.

When we do this, we end up creating more problems later in life – even at times when these feelings shouldn’t be disrupting us. We all need to embrace these feelings. Let them consume you, and analyze where it is coming from. Embrace it, acknowledge it, and let it leave on it’s own.

The more you fight it, the more it will come back. Let these traumas be released. Let them surface, and let them finally be free.

On this episode of Have It All, Ilan explains where core wounds come from and how to properly heal them. Download this episode today to see how you can start living a happier life by finally letting the pain go.

Live as an enlightened adult, not a frightened child.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Core wounds are traumas that happened when you were young that still affect you today.
  • Be aware of where you emotions are coming from.
  • When you experience trauma, so much more than you realize is happening.
  • Don’t suppress your feelings, to try and avoid feeling them ever again.
  • Learn to accept and release your emotional scars.
  • No one is perfect – that doesn’t make their advice worth less.
  • When your emotions are triggered, don’t be afraid to witness it.
  • Letting go of core wounds can be painful, but it’ll be life changing.
  • Live as an enlightened adult, not a frightened child.
  • Americans are so censored our self expression is limited.


No one is perfect – that doesn’t make their advice less valuable.

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