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122: Greater Impact Through A Bigger Vision With Nicholas And Amanda Bayerle

It’s key to target a specific type of person. - Nicholas BayerleClick to Tweet

Many of us want to create incredible results in our lives. Whether it's in your finances, your health, your relationships, we all want to have

Though with out a big enough vision, we play small or worse lack clarity and never get started.

In today’s episode of the Have It All podcast, we’re joined by married couple Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle.  They are the founders of Billion Dollar Body, a company dedicated to improving the health and financial well-being of male entrepreneurs around the world and leaving a legacy while doing it.

Nicholas and Amanda share with us their journey of transformation of themselves and how creating a larger vision with laser specificity can produce massive results for more people.

Download today’s episode to learn how you can create a greater impact in the world by having integrity, getting out of your comfort zone  and creating a bigger vision.



The Cliff Notes:

  • Billion Dollar Body as an online community is tackling how to redefine what it means to be a businessman.
  • Their vision is to create a community with a billion dollar net worth while giving back.
  • They support men with increasing their net worth over time while growing in all areas through an engaged community.
  • Amanda Bayerle supports the women in lives of these men by having their own Facebook group and community calls together.
  • Nick was previously 60 lbs heavier, had crippling social anxiety and didn’t have a girlfriend for 7 years.
  • Fast forward to today, he’s thriving in his health relationships and marriage with his wife Amanda.
  • Their business started by targeting all people, then narrowed to just entrepreneurs.
  • It truly started taking off when they began speaking to just male entrepreneurs.
  • It’s key to target a specific type of person.
  • How a man wants to be talked to is very different than how a woman wants to be talked to.
  • When Nick decided to take the business by the horns and taking responsibility, the growth curve began to uptick.
  • Women want to feel safe, men want to lead.
  • The 3D Business Man:
    – Having a vision that’s bigger than their product or service.
    – Having a product or service that solves a problem or a need.
    – Giving back – having a mission to give back.
  • What differentiates them from competitors is their results for their clients and their message of speaking what’s true for them.
  • They attract men that want to create the relationship of their dream by having a vision.
  • They earn trust and respect by being their word on taking men only and taking on entrepreneurs only.  No discounts ever.  No refunds after the stated period.
  • Trust can be earned every day and lost in a second.
  • Being an unwavering stand for someone’s greatest self, no matter what they think about you as a person, can be the greatest gift to another human being.
  • You create an unwavering stand for someone’s greatest self-happens by not buying into their stories, excuses or child-like version of themselves.
  • Being in the same space with people who see a bigger possibility can be as transforming as speaking to them.
  • Some things are better caught than taught.
  • We all have the ability to pick things up just by being around them.  Caution: this applies to both positive or negative environments.
  • Just watching someone, whether it's hitting a bigger surf wave or operating a billion-dollar business, for just a few minutes can expand the level of what’s possible for you.
  • A limiting belief can affect all areas of your life.
  • A limiting belief can even transfer into your relationship, with your children or to those around you.
  • You can be results oriented and A-type in your business, though, with intimate relationships it may benefit both if you take a slightly different approach.
  • Look to what your vision is for having a relationship and what the indicators are for that relationship to know that it is thriving.
  • Show me your calendar and I’ll show you your life.
  • Relationships can be a higher priority than business, though it must be a practice; something you continually work to keep there.
  • People want attention. Babies cry for it, men die for it.
  • At the end of the day, it’s whoever gives the most that matters.
  • Whatever the culture says is honored is what people end up doing.
  • Compensation will always drive behavior.
  • Compensation isn’t always money, it can be recognition, attention or validation.


A limiting belief can affect all areas of your life.- Nicholas BayerleClick to Tweet