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31: You Get What You Give, So Give Your All

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People say to me, I want to be happy, I want this and that, you know how you get those things? Give them to others.

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Have you ever noticed if people around you are in a bad mood, you are in a bad mood?  We all have days where we feel like we aren’t getting what we want, and others aren’t treating us the way we want, and that’s because we aren’t giving those things to others. In order to RECEIVE in life, you have to GIVE first. As humans, it is incredibly easy to pick up on the energy around us whether it is positive or negative.

What energy do you give off? Do you take responsibility for others emotions, even for a moment, to try and figure out why they are acting the way they are acting? Remember, you generate your own world. If your world sucks right now, you are making it suck. Turn. It. Around! Everything you want in life can be yours if you ask for it.

When friends get freaked out by your quick transformations, it is because they are afraid they’re going to lose you as a friend.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Very rarely have you done the things your parents told you to do as a kid.
  • If you want your kids to treat others with respect and love, treat each other with respect and love.
  • Others mimic the behaviors you display towards them/others.
  • As an adult, we are in a lesser natural state than we were as kids.
  • Abusive behaviors are learned behaviors.
  • The way we learn as humans are by mimicking.
  • Create a dynamic that looks at everyone as children, this creates the opportunity for you to be in a state of discovery with them.
  • You choose to become malleable.
  • Invest in yourself. If you want to do hard work, do the hard work on yourself.
  • If you want things to become effortless and easy, you have to become effortless and easy.
  • You generate your own world.
  • Everything that is meant to happen, will happen.
  • Live in the world of being, not the world of doing.
  • When you transform quickly, the people around you get freaked out.
  • The easy way out is to eliminate the people from your life who negatively impact you.
  • Every one of us is a child walking around.
  • Most people operate in a world where relationships are 50/50.
  • When the people in your life are in love, you will be in love.
  • If you are truly responsible for someone else’s happiness, you will be interested in why they have a concern, or what it is.
  • An understood breakthrough is a concept you have to work on.

If you’re not getting something from a relationship, it’s because you aren’t giving that.

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