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113: Entrepreneurship And Setting The Foundation First With Akbar Sheikh

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It's no surprise that while some people start in business and fail, others thrive.  And while there are many variables that separate each individual's journey, there happens to be correlations between those that succeed and those that give up.

What separates those that succeed in business and those that fail?  It all begins with setting the proper foundation.  Without laying the proper foundation, you may start the journey of entrepreneurship ambitiously and enthusiastically only to reach a certain point and plateauing.

So how do you create the proper foundation in order to grow, scale and succeed in entrepreneurship, health, relationships and other areas of life?

On today’s episode of the Have It All podcast, we’re joined by Akbar Sheikh, a man who's went from half dead & homeless to becoming a top 2% income earner.  After a near death experience landed him in the hospital, Akbar arose as a transformed man with a renewed sense of life.  Shortly after his near death experience, Akbar lost 50 lbs, quit smoking, and renounced his self-proclaimed title as the “Fast-food Junkie King of the East.”

After restructuring his life and forming daily habits to thrive, Akbar has gone on to make a name for himself in the online marketing world.  He has been trained by 7-figure earners in the internet marketing world, and now teaches THEM how to make more money online.  

Akbar has a passion for supporting entrepreneurs in building and scaling 7-figure businesses to have more impact and faster results.

Download this episode today to learn what Akbar lives and teaches on how to reset your foundation in order to help you improve in your business, relationships and other areas that have plateaued or are no longer thriving.




The Cliff Notes:

  • It’s never ALL perfect. We all have an area (often many) that can improve.

  • Think of the level at which your mother loves you. God loves you so much more.

  • You MUST get your foundation right as an entrepreneur if you wish to scale.

  • You're either all in or you'll quit somewhere along the way.

  • When your back is against the wall and you're all in, you'll make it or die trying.

  • The universe always tests you in ways that are unimaginable to you because that's your journey.

  • A common trait among many 7 to 9-figure entrepreneurs is the ability to stay in no result longer than most people are willing to.

  • It is doing the inner work is the unsexy part, however, it can lead to the sexy part of success in entrepreneurship.

  • To be committed in realizing your success, your WHY must be so powerful it will make you cry.

  • A unique and powerful definition for success: “I get to say NO more times than I say Yes.”

  • Let go of clients that you know are not the right fit if you truly value yourself and your time.

  • If you never give up and do at least three things per day to move your business forward, you will scale your business.

  • Some experts and speakers are not much farther along than you in business. It is simply that they've had a bit more time and have not given up.

  • Giving and being of service beyond yourself is essential to succeeding in business.