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07: Changing Your Rules to Attain a Better Life

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“The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.”

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We occasionally find ourselves wanting something, but can’t seem to identify why we cannot achieve it. Have you ever considered that it might be the rules you live your life by? We often live by the same rules we had ingrained in us at a very young and impressionable age, without ever noticing we’re even doing it.

It’s time for an upgrade! In this episode we take a look at certain aspects of your life that stick around due to these unspoken rules, as well as goals you wish to achieve but have not found yourself successful at attaining these goals.

“What you are, is a conduit for life.”

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The Cliff Notes:

  • There are so many rules in life that others follow blindly, without a clue why.
  • Any time there is some sort of conversation that says “this is better than that,” it becomes a dangerous setting for our mind to develop in.
  • You wouldn’t use very old technology to keep up with today’s world. Why are you doing that with your opinions and habits?
  • Distinguish the age of your conversations. This way you can ask yourself if the age of your discussion is the reason you are not seeing the results you want.
  • The results you experience currently are a direct reflection of the rules that are running your life.
  • Creating distinctions in your rules can help you see what you are consciously deciding, versus where you are using outdated rules to make a decision for you.
  • In order to make money, you have to grind it out and work hard.
  • When you’re trying to build something big, ask for help. It can be near impossible to make big things happen without asking for a little help.
  • When you realize you’ve been living your life by outdated rules, you’ll have to reprogram yourself to adjust to new changes you wish to make.
  • Whatever belief you currently have may be holding you back from something you currently want, but have not yet achieved.
  • The first step in changing your rules is to distinguish the conversation.
  • Mastery happens in increments. It will take time.

“Whatever results you are currently experiencing in your life is a direct reflection of the rules that are running your life.”

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