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05: Change Your Life With Your Way Of Thinking

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“Without actions, nothing changes.”

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Do you ever find yourself stuck in the hamster-wheel effect? Do you find yourself making the same mistakes repeatedly? Being stuck in a way of thinking that seems to produce the same outcomes over and over again? Thinking does not cause us to take action, as thinking is inherently stuck in the past. It’s time to start communicating to create a new future for yourself. On this episode, we tell you how words can generate your future outcomes, just by believing in the power you have over yourself and the life you can and will create.

Sit tight and listen up, because on this episode we will be discussing exactly how to do that!

“The design of communication has two properties: to make things disappear, and to generate them into reality.”

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The Cliff Notes:

  • What’s true for one society is not true to all societies, and this goes for your problems.
  • Often times the reason why you you are not being productive has something to do with your relationships.
  • Thinking is caught in the past — you are constantly mulling over what has happened.
  • If you’re having a problem that requires some new solution that is future based, how can you use thinking to get to that problem?
  • The “someday” mentality turns into “some decade,” and people still do not take that action.
  • If there is an area of your life that is consistently wrong, it is most likely your own doing
  • If you look at what is going wrong in your life, a lot will revolve around a lack of communication.
  • Our problems are only relevant to us; the way out is communication.
  • The design of communication has two properties: to make things disappear, and to generate them into reality.
  • Words have the power to generate outcomes.
  • When you start speaking about something, like an problem, you are self generating that problem.
  • You can co-create reality for yourself with your words, energies, or chanting.
  • Most people think that who they are in the moment is a reflection of who they were in the past.
  • Who we actually are in the present moment is a function of our future.
  • We are constantly interacting with the future that we expect.

“Thinking about something, does not yield action.”

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