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69: Our Interview On Boss Radio

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The journey itself should be reward enough.

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One of the hardest things you can do is decide you are going to be an entrepreneur. It’s scary, it’s hard, and it’s time consuming. With that being said it’s the most fulfilling thing you can do in life.

You can’t let those three things hold you back. Fear is a perception caused by a story you create in your mind about the worst case scenario. If you want to overcome that fear, sit down and write out the worst thing that could possibly happen if everything went wrong. You’ll quickly discover it’s not that bad, and I’m sure people have risen up from worse scenarios.

Sure it’s hard, but if it wasn’t everyone would do it. It takes a lot of work, but the way to make it easier is to revolve your business around what you love doing. For example, Guy and Ilan have loved helping people and mentoring them for free for years. When they discovered they could make a business that revolved around their passion, the road to success seemed much smoother.

Lastly, it is time consuming. So is everything you want to master. Think about how many people go to college, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and just to walk away with graduate degrees. Anything you want to master takes time, there’s no fast way to gain knowledge and experience. The best thing you can do to overcome this is to create a problem.

Create a big problem. Make one so big and so exciting everything you do has to play a part of the equation. You’ll find that spending your life trying to solve that problem will make time fly, and before you realize it every aspect of you has developed skills designed to help with the solution.

On this episode of Have It All, Guy and Ilan share their experiences as entrepreneurs on the podcast Boss Academy Radio. They are interviewed to discuss their insights, and enjoyed the show so much they wanted to share it with their Satori audience.

Download this episode today to hear all about becoming an entrepreneur, starting your own business, and how to start your journey the right way from the very beginning.

Entrepreneurship should be about mastery, not the destination.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Jumping in is the key to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • There has to be a lot of balance between business and personal life.
  • Every entrepreneur has a zero to hero story.
  • Follow your passion, not the money.
  • Write down your real worst case scenario.
  • Look for, accept, and be excited about resistance.
  • To find your passion, look at what you would do if there was no money involved.
  • You have to work on your business, not just growing your business.
  • Everything takes time and money to get going.
  • Create a big problem so big and so exciting it makes everything you do a part of the equation.
  • When you make your life about serving others, most things that upset you goes out the window.

If one person has already accomplished that which you want, that means it’s possible.

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