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45: Your Addictions Are Deeper Than Actions

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It is insanely difficult to make shifts and transformations on your own.

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We all have some sort of addiction. Some people smoke, some drink, and others are addicted to food. There comes a point in our life when we decide these addictions are unacceptable and we try to control it. The worse part of quitting anything can be having a relapse, and indulging into that addiction again – even if it’s been years since we last gave in.

When we do feel the urge to indulge we often beat ourselves up over it. We get made that we did, and emotionally abuse ourselves over taking action. This is natural – but wrong. We can’t be upset over the action, it doesn’t help us in the future. We need to look at what is trigger the addiction. What in our environment is giving us these urges? If you sit down and address the triggers, and why you subconsciously view these as triggers, then you can really start to beat the addiction once and for all.

On this episode of the Have It All podcast Guy and Ilan explore personal addictions they’ve overcome and re-encountered over the years. Download this episode today to hear their personal stories, and how you can beat your personal struggles.

It’s NOT a one and done thing, then you never deal with that situation again.

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Guy notices that when he finds himself in emotional struggles he ends up going back to smoking.
    • Feels like he’s can’t say he’s a non smoker, just that he’s on a break.
  • The Pavlok watch shocks you to help break bad habits.
  • Do you want to create pain to deter you from something?
  • For some reason there’s still a positive association with smoking.
  • Shocking yourself may create a stress response when you don’t want it.
  • Positive reinforcement has a much better response than negative reinforcement.
  • Environmental triggers can respark old habits and addictions.
  • Don’t look at the action of the addiction, look at what is triggering them.
  • Have a conversation with the scared child inside of yourself.
  • When you repress emotions, it can manifest itself physically.
  • Every person who has success has a moment they had to get through that ultimately created the success.
  • Rattling your foundation can shake all aspects of your life.
  • Trauma, when it happens, is fine – it’s continuing the trauma that creates a problem.
  • We seek people, places, and things to try and fill the void – which never works.
  • What do you want your children to think of you, someone who sold out to their fears and couldn’t cut it or someone who followed their dreams?
  • When you ask the question, you already know the answer.
  • When you go against the grain you highlight the gaps in other people.
  • Not being part of the “flow” and not caring can increase your status.
  • Look at your stress triggers.
  • Be in a community, don’t try to do things alone.

Your awareness shouldn’t be placed on the action of an addiction, but on the triggers.

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