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169: Find Your Alignment with Eric James

“Relax so that you’re really at your best and you can really feel what’s aligned for you so you can take the best action.” - Eric JamesClick to Tweet

It’s not uncommon for us to experience our lives and even our physical bodies in dissonance.

We wonder why circumstances in life seem to work against us, or we feel like our body isn’t operating in its best state for us to perform well at our tasks. Well all of that could actually be a consequence of the way we are used to approaching life.

Perhaps our actions aren’t in alignment with the path we have set before us. Perhaps, our body is misbehaving on a cellular & molecular level that way are oblivious of?

Today on Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by the wonderful entrepreneur Eric James. We discuss mindsets and practices that can help us get more out of our lives. One of which being red light therapy which studies have shown help our bodies interact more accurately and efficiently with the energy that surrounds us.

Tune in to this conversation to learn about approaching life from a spiritually and biologically more balanced state of being.

“I really understand that it does not change how I feel at all. It does not make me more fulfilled or happier to have more money.” - Eric JamesClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • We should live life and take risks as if we are certain that things will eventually work out.
  • The universe is ultimately always performing a balancing act within itself.
  • When we act from a neutral place rather than a place of resistance, we can allow life’s opportunities to unfold.
  • Sometimes taking the right actions aligned with your path will cause your logical mind to push back and tell you that it’s foolish.
  • Red light therapy allows mitochondria to be cleansed and function more efficiently.
  • Light deficiency is a problem in today’s society that causes the body’s cell function to be compromised.
  • Rather than spending all of our energy trying to feel better, we should focus on getting better at feeling.


Episode Resources:

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