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163: The Ego vs. The Authentic Self

“A life driven by the ego is a life not worth living.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

Our ego has devastated our lives.

We might not be aware of this simple fact, but it’s the truth. The voice inside our head is the thing that inflicts all of our emotional pain—it’s our ego.

To free yourself from its hold, you must learn to differentiate between it and you. This separation is often difficult because the ego clouds our perception of reality.

That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are discussing how the ego functions, what it’s robbed you of in your life, and what tools you can use to bring an awareness of it to your daily life.

Tune in to this conversation to hear Guy & Ilan unpack the mechanics of ego, so you know its tendencies next time it tries to corrupt your well-being!

The Cliff Notes:

  • Plot point: a significant event within a plot that spins the action around in another direction
  • Try to differentiate between reality and your perception of it.
  • People think their ego is their best friend because it talks to you all day long.
  • While it’s not easy to hear, understand that all emotional pain is self-inflicted.
  • Ask yourself: if today was your last day on earth, how would you assess if your life was well-lived?
  • It’s much more difficult to drive your own life than to just be a passenger.
  • Understand that the ego can drive you to have a very successful financial life.
  • Take the oath of living a life 100% committed to full abundance.
“A negative experience is a contradiction to the ego’s opinion.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet