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158: How To Find Alignment with Jason Prall

“There’s a difference between intellectually understanding something and embodying and truly knowing it.” - Jason PrallClick to Tweet

Everybody is talking about alignment.

From yoga to organic eating, it seems that everywhere you turn—there is another business or person trying to sell alignment.

When we begin to make the strides toward centering ourselves, we learn that alignment is not something you can acquire from the outside world.

Rather, we must look internally to find our true center.

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Jason Prall of the Human Longevity Project to discuss alignment, and how we can find it. Jason Prall is a Longevity and Optimal Health Practitioner who works with individuals to provide solutions for those struggling with weight loss or suffering from complex health issues that their doctors have been unable to resolve.

Tune in to this conversation to learn how to gauge your center, so you can make the necessary adjustments everyday to stay aligned!

You can learn more about Jason Prall here

The Cliff Notes:

  • It’s a Western idea to have a purpose—instead, seek and find meaning.
  • The capitalistic division of labor makes us forget that everything is connected.
  • No matter what you master, you will learn the same thing.
  • Read Mastery by Robert Greene.
  • Define your central axis of alignment so you know when you’re out of it.
  • The body is here to express the subjective.
  • Be aware of when you are judging the judger.
  • The pain will not go away, but you can stop the suffering.
  • Differentiate between reality and the talking points that major news/media outlets are serving to you.
  • Look at how the Internet is proving what connection isn’t.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do anything to be loved.
  • When you find the edges, you then know where the center lies.
  • A mother will read the baby’s immune system through saliva and provide nutrients through breastmilk.
“Right now we’re in an era where scientists aren’t talking to each other.” - Jason PrallClick to Tweet