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147: How Lying Is Ruining Your Life with Lauren Zander

“You can’t learn anything if you don’t have a consequence.” - Lauren ZanderClick to Tweet

We think we have our secrets.

But it’s actually the opposite—our secrets have us. As we try to keep up the balancing act of maintaining that perfect life, we find ourselves expending a great deal of brainpower to make sure all the lies we tell remain sealed up.

We think we can continue the charade forever, but that isn’t possible.

At some point, the truth has to come out. 

That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Lauren Zander, author of Maybe It’s You, to discuss how lying is ruining our lives. Whether it’s to ourselves or other people, Lauren unpacks the many different types and effects of lying.

Listen to this episode so you can begin to come clean to those around you and to yourself.

You can learn more about Lauren Zander here

“How do you think you are true to yourself if you don’t tell the truth?” - Lauren ZanderClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Write the book from your own personal experience instead of external research.
  • It’s okay to exaggerate or withhold, as long as you don’t try to represent it as the truth.
  • Telling the truth will set you free, because you will only then learn the lesson.
  • You don’t have your secrets, your secrets have you.
  • Be aware of the justifications you’re making to alleviate the feeling of unworthiness.
  • Starting to rewire comes from a vision and then the gap getting filled.
  • Find the fun in abandoning the need to fulfill an ideal.