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142: How To Get Out of Rock Bottom with AJ Mihrzad

“Reframing situations through the mental story you tell is a powerful way to pull you to do something.” - AJ MihrzadClick to Tweet

We never think we’re going to hit rock bottom.

When our life is moving steadily forward, we fall into the trap of comfort. We become content with our rising status at work and our growing relationships at home.

Soon after, we find ourselves lying on our bed looking at the ceiling, asking what am I supposed to do with my life?

When this moment hits, we feel the world collapsing on us. But it’s this wake up call that has the power to ignite us to fulfill our greatest potential, one far bigger and more powerful than wherever we were at before.

That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by AJ Mihrzad. AJ is the author of The Mind Body Solution: Train Your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss, and specializes in teaching others how to find their unique gift and monetize that.

Tune in to this conversation to learn how to reverse-engineer your career by finding your special powers!

You can learn more about AJ Mihrzad here

The Cliff Notes:

  • Your body is inextricably linked to how your mind thinks.
  • There are 2 types of motivation: pushed away from pain and pulled toward pleasure.
  • You can choose to interpret rock bottom as a line-in-the-sand moment.
  • Use your experiences to create empathy for those going through the same things.
  • Instead of looking at what industry you want to work in, find out what your superpower is.
  • To find out your superpower, ask those closest to you for the one word they would use to describe you.
  • Most people need hobbies because they can’t monetize the things they love.
  • At the end of the day, people pay you for a value transfer. Ask yourself what result you can bring to people.
  • Focus on adding value and the medium or channel will present itself later.
  • Seek out artistic side hobbies to unlock centers of creativity to fuel your main business.
  • Expressing yourself fully magnetizes those around you to come your way.