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139: The Difference Between Masculine and Feminine Energies with Stacey & Paul Martino

“When we say masculine or feminine energy, we’re speaking more to the core essence of what motivates them.” - Stacey & Paul MartinoClick to Tweet

Relationships are easier said than done.

This is the contemporary school of thought, and it exists because we haven’t been given the necessary tools to nurture healthy relationships.

As we couple off, we try our best to maintain a homeostasis in each other’s company. But often, we find ourselves in pockets of turmoil because we aren’t accurately assesing what’s going on.

The push and pull between masculine and female energies creates the vitality inside our relationships, and once we become tuned into their frequencies—we can then go on to successfully carve out fruitful experiences.

That’s why on today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Stacey & Paul Martino to discuss relationship dynamics. When we understand the nuances behind what is happening in our relationships, we can more effectively navigate the intricate puzzle pieces inside.

Listen to this conversation to adopt Stacey and Paul’s principles, so you cans see past the surface and attract healthy relationships.

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“As long as unforgiveness remains, there’s always going to be distance in a relationship.” - Stacey & Paul MartinoClick to Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Making strides in your relationship doesn’t require both parties.
  • Triggers are the most powerful force in human relationships today.
  • Be aware that blaming others transfers all the power away from you and into their hands.
  • Bring out the best of both the masculine and feminine brains.
  • Collaboration towards alignment is more valuable than adhering to one person’s way of thinking.
  • Masculine and feminine energy is determined from the motivations within the person.
  • Stacking pain is the number one reason for distance in relationships.
  • Feminine energy, at its core, wants help almost all the time.
  • Relationships change outside the moment, not inside the moment.
  • Ask yourself in the moment: am I reacting to find a solution or an escape?