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133: Helping High Achievers Transform Their Lives with Brianna Zajicek

“I want to create something that changes the way we live our lives.” - Brianna ZajicekClick to Tweet

We can’t control the situation we’re born into.

Poor or rich, loving or negligent—the life and world we are raised in is something we don’t get to select.

The effect of this is twofold. We learn the skills to survive in that specific environment, but we also take these skills into adulthood.

And in most cases, the questioning doesn’t hit until then. Imagine growing up in an impoverished household. Will you enter adulthood with the appropriate perception and value of money?

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Brianna Zajicek. Brianna is the Founder of The One Year Project—a mission dedicated to helping high achievers transform their lives in just one year. As a teen mom and college dropout in an abusive marriage, Brianna personally transformed her life into a 7 figure entrepreneur, world traveler, researcher, and author in a matter of months. How she did this was by focusing on her potential, rather than acquisition.

Listen to today’s episode to hear Brianna’s insights on how we can adjust our perception to spark momentum on the path to success.

“I’m excellent at setting goals and achieving them. But if I’m not happy once I achieve them, then maybe I’m chasing the wrong goals.” - Brianna ZajicekClick to Tweet


The Cliff Notes:

  • Recognize that the ‘overwhelm’ is in the ‘how to get there.’
  • Making money isn’t as important as maximizing your potential.
  • If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.
  • Design your life by setting goals that align with who you are.
  • Be aware of when your mentors/coaches become crutches that prevent growth and self-discovery.
  • You are only worthy of what you believe you are worthy of at any given time.
  • Break out of cycles of ungratefulness by appreciating the air around you.

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