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132: Joe Williams Dispels The Secrets of Public Speaking

“We can only build on our strengths. We can’t build on our failures.” - Joe WilliamsClick to Tweet

We learn the most about ourselves when we go towards our fears.

And there is no greater fear than public speaking. So when we decide to improve that specific skill set—we uncover the truth about who we really are.

From finding our stage presence to connecting with the audience, each dimension of public speaking offers a new challenge for us to conquer. But it’s not always so easy.

The obstacles and challenges we face along the way are demonstrations of personal growth. Whether it’s presenting to your colleagues or giving a speech for your Toastmasters—the nerves and anxiety are what we must beat to further our self-development.

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Joe Williams to discuss how to best improve our public speaking skills. Joe is an internationally-known speaker, strategic expert, and consultant who has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. In fact, he was the Senior Head Trainer for the Anthony Robbins Companies.

Tune in to hear Joe’s insights, as they apply to public speaking, finding your passion, and harnessing your strengths.

“You have to be oversensitive to when you become stale.” - Joe WilliamsClick to Tweet


The Cliff Notes:

  • Build on top of your strengths rather than focusing on improving your weaknesses
  • Cockiness or arrogance is the only mistake in public speaking
  • Demand that your audience steps into your world, rather than you stepping into theirs
  • Use pauses and silences to have points land
  • Notice that personal development is geared toward returning to how we were as children
  • Return to the core of your mission statement by embracing gratitude and love
  • Use parallel gesturing sparingly
  • Move with purpose on stage rather than pacing idly
  • The 10-minute TED-style speech should hinge on one big idea or story
  • If you’re going to script anything, make it the opening and closing 20-30 seconds

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