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129: Jake Eagle: Are You Thrilled To Be Alive?

“Nobody ever says you wake up on the right side of the bed.” - Jake EagleClick to Tweet

Traditional therapy has us assigning reasons and stories to our emotions. 

While this might bring comfort at the moment, doing this can also fuel your emotions to become something they’re not.

This is the tricky, two-sided nature of our “logic brains.” While we must reason and work through our conflicts, we must also understand that whatever our brain is trying to say is usually in conflict with what our heart is calling for.

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Jake Eagle. Jake was a licensed psychotherapist for twenty-five years before becoming what he calls a “meta-therapist.” This new title has him coaching and mentoring people to see what’s possible beyond therapy.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn how Jake transcends traditional therapy models by providing a richer path towards what he calls “heart consciousness.”

“Be grateful that your biomechanical suit gives you the ability to experience whatever this thing we call sadness is.” - Jake EageClick to Tweet


The Cliff Notes:

  • Therapy and self-help is focused on “safety consciousness.”
  • Ask yourself and others, “Are you thrilled with life?”
  • Be careful of how assigning words to feelings can make them worse.
  • You can either be right or you can be in love.
  • Nothing means anything other than the meaning we give it.
  • Identity is just about being right about something.
  • Take note of how much you’re meddling versus taking action.
  • The logic mind will convince you to not listen to your heart.
  • Not being thrilled with life boils down to being attached to a story.
  • Pay attention to your language to reframe how your perception of your feelings.

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