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128: Stef Sifandos: How To Shed The Layers of Your Ego

“Can you let go of all the stuff that is great for the greater?” - Stef SifandosClick to Tweet

Our ego is difficult to ignore.

It gives us reasons to stay inside our comfort zone. When we consider pursuing our dreams and stepping outside of our box, the ego will quickly intervene, creating a list of reasons why that isn’t a good idea.

The ego is an expert at preventing itself from the interacting with the things it doesn’t understand. Through personal development, you learn to shed the layers of ego and take its word with a grain of salt.

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are joined by Stef Sifandos to discuss ego. Stef is a relationship alchemist who dedicates his life to helping others transform through a conscious connection.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn how to shed the layers of your ego, so you can create honest and intimate relationships with those around you.

“To truly be someone who is pursuing their passion and purpose because that is divinely in them, you have be great at being alone.” - Stef SifandosClick to Tweet


The Cliff Notes:

  • Your brain’s pattern-recognition system will normalize patterns to the point that you don’t recognize them.
  • Start the process of personal development simply by asking questions.
  • The ego finds safety in belonging to a pack.
  • Do the mindfulness work in familiar consciousness before engaging in plant medicines.
  • Getting your body in peak physical condition will transfer to your mind and emotion.
  • Different opportunities show up when we do personal development on a deep level.
  • Find comfort in being alone to separate yourself from the noise of cultural norms.
  • Plant medicine removes the logic side of your brain, allowing you to experience things more fully.
  • The ego intervenes to protect itself from what it doesn’t understand.
  • Look at the ego as not separate to us, but rather a part of our consciousness.
  • Point to the knee-jerk reactions as evidence for ego triggers.


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