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127: Changing Your Energy To Attract More Money

“If you think not having money is scary—go have a lot of it quickly, and see how scared you are of losing it.” - Guy and Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

Money is a tricky thing.

We grow up in a family unit that has a very specific perception and understanding of value, and we carry that definition into adulthood without thinking twice.

And then suddenly, we find ourselves stuck. Our fears and anxieties about our own self-worth block us from the wealth we wish to have in our lives.

That’s why the discussion is about energy and not money. If we don’t tune our frequency in a way most effective for the long-term, we will continue the endless exercise of being on the 9-to-5 hamster wheel of a paycheck after paycheck.

On today’s episode of Personal Development Without The Fluff, we are discussing the energy of money. In our society, we place such an emphasis on the acquisition of money. This focus actually misguides us, for we view money as something we need to accumulate rather than an energy we must attract.

Download this episode to learn how to change your perception of money, so that it flows effortlessly into your life.

“When there’s curiosity, you awaken your natural state of ingenuity.” - Guy and Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

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Episode Cliff Notes

  • Change your energy so the frequency of money is attracted to you.
  • The 2 things to keep in mind in regards to money are scarcity and creating a vessel.
  • Ask yourself: if time and money weren’t part of this equation, would I say yes?
  • Curiosity activates ingenuity.
  • Saying ‘no’ to something gives you the reason to believe it is impossible.
  • Money is the energy you’ve attached to your self-worth.
  • Try putting a $100 bill in your pocket and looking at the things you can afford instead of what you can’t.
  • Get back to childhood wonder. It will help you emotionally rebound from negative situations.
  • Notice how a lot of what you do and how you be is not in alignment with who you are.
  • Every word you speak has a frequency that tells the universe your inner desires.
  • Be skeptical of how humans find truth in agreement with each other.
  • Misalignment in your chakras comes from the opinions of other people.
  • Trust your system’s design for self-healing.


“That scarcity mindset is a virus inside of you.” - Guy & Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet