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123: How To Clear Your Mind And Stress Less

When you get into alignment, the how-to shows itself to you. - Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet

It grabs our attention to see ‘how-to' articles and the step-by-step guides promising to provide to be the easy path for you to create the results you desire.  We see them left and right on the internet and infomercials:

“5-steps on how to ….”

“3-easy ways to…

“7 secrets to get more…”

And while some of these roadmaps and guides can support you in achieving the results you want, you may find that in searching for the how-to, you begin down the path only to be left feeling out of alignment.

In today’s episode of the Have It All podcast, we discuss the difference between chasing how-to approaches and what is your beingness when desiring a specific result.  We discuss how to clear your mind and a psychological approach to investigating why you do not currently have the results you want and how to get out of your own way in order to create them.

Download today’s episode to learn how you can clear your mind and get back into alignment to get the results you're looking for.


The Cliff Notes:

  • A business can make money whether it feels in alignment or not.
  • In business or career is important to ask if you are chasing the money or looking to feel good?
  • If you’re in a career or business that “doesn’t feel good’, you likely will not sustain consistent, aligned action (and feeling out of alignment).
  • While Satori Prime’s coaching can 10x someone’s business or finances, it’s not how they would market themselves as it’s a by-product of doing the deeper work.
  • People often seek the ‘how-to' when looking for a result.
  • If you follow a step-by-step formula and are not seeing results, it may be that you’re purely out of alignment.
  • When you get into alignment, the how-to shows itself to you (YOUR unique how-to).
  • The ‘why’ behind you looking for the ‘how-to' can reveal why you are still struggling.
  • Begin looking at why something is not producing the desired results from a holistic point of view.
  • Start by asking, “how do all the systems work together?”
  • Next ask, “how does this lead me to having more abundance?”
  • It’s the root chakra and your creation source.  It creates life and as that energy flows you create more money.
  • Holistic view for desired result: You want to make more money?  Have more sex.
  • Having more sex opens the root chakra-your creation source- and as that energy flows you create more money.
  • Having a target or goal provides a desired place to be, though, does not look at why you may feel out of alignment once you get there.
  • Wanting 6-pack abs and doing crunches but neglecting looking at what you’re eating, is not approaching it from an expanded or holistic viewpoint.
  • Looking for a professional, like a doctor, to diagnose what’s wrong with you is start from there is something “I need to fix”.
  • Look for the differences between the ‘how to’ and ‘beingness’.
  • One of the worst things for a human being to experience is isolation.
  • Two things human being need to thrive: connectivity and communication.
  • When you operate with a high level of communication and connectivity your business and health can improve.
  • Harmonization is what we are all looking for.
  • Someone may have money, though if they are negative about money, their system can’t keep up and in turn may start to dysfunction.
  • The digestive system starts from the nasal cavity and moves downward.
  • Bacteria in your digestive system are what signal to regulate the serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.
  • People may never truly understand the effects that substances such as sugar have, specifically on the brain, until you consistently remove it from the body.


You want to make more money? Have more sex.- Ilan FerdmanClick to Tweet