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I just wanted to share a win with you that is a direct result of your mastermind…I’m loving the creativity and opportunity to speak from the heart about why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m already over my paralyzing fear of putting myself out there. Thank you.

Miranda Baker


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Have It All is our weekly podcast dedicated to waking you the f*ck up.

New episodes are released every Monday and Thursday.

We mix humor, wit, and unconventional insights to help you create the life you most want to live.

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Why you shouldn’t listen to our podcast.

You might not be ready to learn that you’re 100% responsible for your life.

That you’re only a few choices away from having what you want and that terrifies you. That, as Abraham Maslow so eloquently put, “[you] can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.”

We choose growth, again and again.

That is the essence of this podcast and of our company, Satori Prime. What about you?

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Guy & Ilan Ferdman are Purely Bad Ass Beings that are extremely gifted at what they do.

Marci Lock