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I feel out of control and want to get a grasp on things

A thought I and I suppose many others have had as they try to disseminate the truth of our seemingly overcomplicated lives.

In these past years, a once seemingly important mind-obsession has taken a back seat.

The obsession?


I used to be obsessed with trying to “figure it out” and make sense of why events occurred, circumstances didn’t go my way, and why certain people showed up in my life only to be left in pain.

And as my own MINDFULNESS and sense of self has increased, I began noticing that what I know had made little to no difference in the quality of my life.

In fact, it often stunted my growth and stagnated (what I would consider) forward progress.

Especially towards centering myself, creating balance, and learning to love me deeper.

Growing into the confidence of myself and my PASSIONS…

…I’ve actively given away control, surrendered to the greater, and lived more-and-more from Inspiration only.

I committed to only taking action if aligns with this inspiration and this has led me to a life and circumstances that my mind alone did not have the capacity to imagine.

Deep relationships, wealth, business partnerships, health, and adventure ensued rapidly (and EFFORTLESSLY) in every area of my life.

The idea of #HaveItAll from our Satori Prime teachings was the language we started using to name the phenomenon that arose when we gave up the ‘need to know’ foundation for a more expansive and joyful life of the mysterious unknown.

The initial fear and need to survive dissipated as evidence for this new and magical life began to rear its face.

And suddenly, the need to survive (only) was replaced with a nearly omni-positive perspective rooted in a deep trust and surrender.

As I peer around, I see so many stuck in this destructive loop.

The information age with all its gifts has turned us into information gatherers and junkies, sticking us perpetually into a state of “someday I will”.

Causing people to not reach far into their dreams, relegating themselves into passive apathetic procrastinators that are too scared to unearth their godly gifts.

Instead, creating a society of men and women who give excuses and defend their lack of power in exchange for being right about the way it is and how it won’t change.

Giving up their power to others and dismissing their joy for useless paradigms which keeps them afraid.

When we obsessively look for ‘what is reality’ we unconsciously create a conclusion based mindset.

And this mindset leads to the systematic creation of attachments.

These attachments lead to expectations, and when the expectations aren’t met we live into long periods of upset and depression.

I’ve exchanged decades of leaning into reality for a magical life that leans into MY ILLUSIONS.

Ultimately, I assert, that there is no single ultimate truth in an infinite multiverse of possibility.

Everything, all points of view, are just as likely.

Each observer can seek and discover their own truth based on their internal alignment.

No one can be told what to believe or how to see, they can only be shown where to look.

I also assert that the illusions you perceive will be the reality you will experience.

What is the point of leaning into a reality that really has no grasp, no control, and is forever changing?

The moment you create a structure or formula for what is; its days are numbered and it’s power and reach limited.

The “REAL” power is in leaning into the unknown consistently, giving up the need to survive, connecting to the quantum field unity, and re-creating each day and moment based on your internal feeling of joy and love.

Only taking actions consistent with this internal guidance and expanding into your relationship with people, higher entity beings, and God in order to see how connected we are not just to each other.

Also to the eternal energies that consist both within our physical reality and those that you may not be able to see who live beyond it.

As the practice of leaning into illusion grows, you may notice your very eye-sight and experience of the physical changing rapidly.

Initially, this can cause some alarm, even at the subtle vibrations within yourself.

Keep leaning anyways.

This will pass.

And as you cross the threshold of this discomfort, you will notice your own powers of manifestation and magic come online.

Match this with the growth of your emotional intelligence quotient through giving yourself the right to feel everything fully.

You may notice, your own self-worth expand and your ability to receive the gifts of this universe exponentially grow in your illusion experience.

We are antennas.

Our mechanics are designed to receive the wonderment and joy this life was initially created to be.

Create an illusion that is the foundation of the reality you seek to create.

And instead of listening to the ‘muppets’ that are trying to tell you what your life should be about.

That life is hard or painful.

Life is dangerous.

That you need to settle down.

Get in line.

Be normal.

Remove yourself from such environments and media and…

Discern for yourself what this life is about through the gift of your imagination.

No one can tell you what is real, what is the truth, or what your heart vibrates too.

It is up to each of us to lean in, design creatively, allow for others to do the same, and support one another in our evolution.

Supporting each other’s highest and best illusions, so that they can re-shape the reality we so often are wanting to understand.

What is your illusion?

PS. I invite you each night to speak into existence your dreams.

Do not speak them as a wish, for if you wish them, your speech is telling the universe that you acknowledge the lack of its presence.

Instead, imagine yourself already having all you desire.

Let yourself feel that place.

Now create and be grateful looking at all you’ve already acquired in your illusion.

Give up any attachment to how this desire is going to manifest itself and surrender to source.

Let the eternal fill in those gaps.

If reality is the manifestation of your perceived reality.

Watch as your reality BENDS itself to your will.

Take actions consistent with your inspiration and let go of past as means to re-create things which have already occurred.

Notice what happens. Think less. Feel more. Keep creating. Let go. Surrender.

Guy // The Knight of Light
Master Coach //  Mentor

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