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Imagine The Olsen Twins.

We’re Nothing Like That.

Of course, we’re fashionable. We’re
also brothers, world-class life
coaches, passionate entrepreneurs,
and motivational speakers, fiercely
dedicated to your success.

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Our work (and this site) is dedicated to your awakening.
To living out your own, personal legend.
Having it all requires action. It means leaning into your fears and trusting the unknown.


That’s where you find the magic.
You can have the life you dream of and we aim to show you how.

We’re Unconventional And Open.

What You’ll Find Here

We’re obsessed with creating experiences that will change your life forever. Our coaching practice, teachings, and podcast focus on the following subjects:

Personal Development and Leadership

We teach you how to build a powerful mindset to create the life and relationships you desire most. We believe that you alone are responsible for your life.

Spirituality and Relationships

We share unorthodox practices that enhance your performance and level of joy significantly. We believe that everything in life is about the health of your relationships, to self and others.

Entrepreneurship and Business

We professionally train entrepreneurs to boost their effectiveness so they get the most out their daily craft. We believe you get to operate out of a deep alignment with inner-purpose and unlock your greatest freedom through the power your divine gifts.

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We Throw You Off A Cliff, Give You A Parachute, and A (Healthy) Snack When You Land

Instead of idea-vomiting information that you ultimately forget, we shift your reality from the inside-out. We’re masterful explorers that safely guide you to the edge of your next breakthrough.

We take you out of the matrix, but only if you’re ready.

We promise to send you amazing, jaw-dropping resources, and keep your information 100% private and secure.

“Your next, best step is the thing that scares the shit out of you.”

Ilan is a far-seeing visionary and relentless dreamer. Co-founder of Satori Prime–as well as a successful entrepreneur, speaker and life coach–he’s helped thousands of people all over the world connect to their inner passion and radically transform their lives.

At Satori Prime, Ilan’s mastery comes through his ability to deeply connect with others, whether they are his personal clients, long-time friends, or complete strangers. People feel both empowered and trusting of him almost immediately, a quality that’s as innate as it is hard-earned. Ilan is both the captain of the ship and the north star; the renegade adventurer that crosses time and space in search of real world magic.

In the past, Ilan was the vice president and co-founder of a successful commercial real estate bank where he personally managed over $100 Million portfolio. By his mid-twenties, Ilan was a highly-sought after expert. Shortly after, Ilan became a dynamic head coach for the infamous Landmark Forum where he was personally responsible for coaching thousands of people throughout NYC, Boston, D.C. and abroad.

He’s been seen in the Huffington Post, Less Doing, The Art of Charm, and 6 Figure Mentors among others. He loves red wine, adrenaline rushes, and the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of others. He currently lives in Upstate New York’s nature-filled Rockland County with his beautiful wife and two children.

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“Question your long-held beliefs”

Guy is a modern-day shaman and co-founder of Satori Prime. A spiritual truth-sayer whose warrior spirit merges ancient wisdom with modern practicality against the backdrop of everyday life. In the past, Guy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in over 23 countries launch their businesses online. A marketing genius, the essence of his work has always been to coach people to profound breakthroughs at lightning speed.

Satori Prime’s message is deeply personal to Guy. Having spent 7+ years in a state of anger and depression, he opted to take his first Landmark Forum. It was there that he realized his ability to craft his own reality. That he had always had a choice in how felt and in how he viewed his external reality. Guy now teaches thousands of people around the world to claim that same power.

He is personally responsible for coaching thousands of people. He’s graced the stages of New York, DC, Boston as well as internationally in places like Romania and London. He’s been seen in the Huffington Post, Less Doing, The Art of Charm, and 6 Figure Mentors among others. He currently lives in magnificent San Diego with his wife, his son, and their dog blue nose pitbull.

Holy shit, I’ve been in this cage for years. I was in a place that I didn’t even know myself. You guys just took the front of my face off. Took the masks away and made me face my reality, and lean into my fears. and I became someone that could speak my truth, be authentic. And I just fucking love you to pieces. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me back my life.

Jill Humphries