Manifest The Life of Your Dreams with Greater Ease By Shedding Old Unwanted Crippling Mental and Emotional Programs For Good

You'll Learn How To:

  • How To Attract More Wealth And Abundance Into Your Life
  • Liberate Yourself From Debiliatating Fears And Beliefs
  • Become Masterful at Manifesting What You Deeply Desire
  • Upgrade Your Mind And Emotions Into an Elevated State
  • Take Action For Speedy Results Even When You're Afraid
  • Discover The Key to Long-Term Sustainable Transformation

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From The Desk Of Guy And Ilan Ferdman:

Have you always felt like you were destined for greatness, but never seemed to be able to realize your full potential?

Do you feel like you’ve been laboring away at your job for years and years, and yet have nothing to show for it?

Are you looking for a way to rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem?

Are you ready to get serious about overhauling your lifestyle and UPGRADING every single aspect of your life?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above, then you’ll want to read on, because we specialize in helping people manifest transformative, life-altering change across ALL aspects of their lives.

You May Related To These Deep Desires:

  • Double Your Current Income (or Start a New Business)
  • Fulfill On Your Life-Long Dreams
  • Transform Your Health and Fitness
  • Repair Broken or Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Learn How to Use Communication to Create Influence
  • Increase Your Abundance and Wealth
  • Be More Confident and Self-Expressed
  • Be More Peaceful and Present
  • Take Action When Fear Is Present
  • Or to Finally Realize Your Heart's Purpose and Potential

...Just to name a few benefits and outcomes.

We’ve helped our students achieve ALL these results and so much more.

Simply put:

We want to help EMPOWER YOU to rise above the confines of self-imposed mental prison constructs and show you how to UNLOCK your true inner-power and begin manifesting a life most only dream about having.

To your unlimited potential,

Guy & Ilan Ferdman

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Shed Self-Limiting Beliefs and Fears

The first step on the road to effortless manifestation is shredding your self-limiting fears and beliefs.

This is a liberating process that represents a physical, mental, and emotional UNSHACKLING of your true self.

Because, while you may not realize it, you’ve been walking around and you may have been conditioned to look at the world through the wrong lens all this time.

These lenses have created subconscious filters that have tinted your perspective and may be the source of your self-limiting fears and beliefs which no longer serve you. Your beliefs of how the world is, your identity in it, and the conditioning of the people around you, may be your biggest hurdles in creating a life that exudes freedom, power, and full self-expression.

The fact is, many of these beliefs, whether about yourself or the world around you, are things your mind has automatically created underneath the surface of your awareness to keep your life safe and small.

When you free yourself from the constraints this "automatic" past has created, you have the ability to choose your new programming, claim your personal power, and step into a future that is sourced from your vivid imagination...

Bringing a NEW REALITY into focus that is sourced from new beliefs that you create consciously.

Our coaching will systematically walk you through a step-by-step process on how to reprogram your brain for effective and sustainable transformation, so get ready!

These personal beliefs most likely began severely inhibiting your own internal power — your ability to manifest your desires and shape the events of the world around you.

I’m sure it wasn’t long before you stopped believing in yourself altogether.

And when faced with Change (the kind that comes with a capital C), you cling desperately to these old predictable beliefs, because they’re all you know and it feels safe.

It’s a form of comfort -- the type of comfort the mind seeks at the expense of creating a new life...

...and let’s face it, for most people - Change is SCARY!

That’s why we want to guide you through this process of identifying the self-limiting fears and beliefs you’ve held onto for so long (some since childhood), and teach you how to excavate them and SHRED them into many tiny pieces... you can put on a NEW pair of glasses.

Ones that let you see the world in a new and exciting way.

And a brand new blank canvas for YOU to begin painting your new life.

A canvas no longer inhibited by old programming that hasn't served you for a long while (decades for some of you).

An internal environment in which you can begin making your wildest dreams come true, and learn to effortlessly manifest anything and everything you want as you are pulled towards your goals.

Our tagline is "Have It All" for a reason — because we believe that you really CAN have it all.

And we’ll show you how to get it, one step at a time.

Upgrade Your Operating System

Once you’ve uprooted and eviscerated everything that’s been holding you back, it’s time to upgrade your own internal operating system.

Much like your smartphone rolls out an update to fix bugs and introduce new features, your internal operating system is in dire need of an UPGRADE.

Through evidence-based, scientifically proven neuroscience techniques, we’ll help you reprogram your subconscious, recondition outdated psychological patterns, and upgrade your operating system.

You’ll learn how to identify and listen to the right voice…

You may not even recognize it at first because it’s been reduced to an inaudible whisper after all these years.

We’ll show you how to turn up the volume back up so you can hear the TRUE voice of your subconscious the way it’s meant to be heard…

And we’ll show you how to follow that voice so you can experience courage in the face of Fear and Change, achieve levels of love, and interpersonal connection that you never thought possible, and most importantly...

...create RAPID change in every single aspect of your life.

Here’s What You’ll Receive When Your Application Qualifies To Attend The 100 Day Manifestation Masterclass:

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Experience the power of coaching and accountability.

Create a new relationship to your word, your integrity, all while upgrading your ability to create and manifest with incredible ease.

A coach is always in your corner and the perfect mirror for to help you unveil your blind spots. This is the ultimate upgrade opportunity, so take advantage!

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FREE tickets for you and a guest to our next live event! Because there's nothing more powerful than going through this experience with a friend, a business partner, or spouse.

You’ll experience in-person exercises that rapidly engage deep level paradigm shifts and inner transformation ... Sending you home with more than just a week’s worth of motivation — but with insights and new ways of living that will last you the rest of your life.

BONUS #3 - Have It All Live Event Recorded Footage ($497 Value)

Can’t make it to The Have It All Live Event? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with an FullHD replay. Even if you are able to attend, analyze and review the tape to make sure you take note of every lesson, exercise, and valuable insight that we share on stage.

There is 16+ hours of some of our best training with nothing held back and it's available to you when you qualify for the 100 day masterclass!


Creating a step-by-step plan for your "perfect" life is probably easier than you think, but it does require some breakthrough thinking and experiences.

In this interactive course, you'll get access to specific examples of different types of distinctions, empowering contexts, and cases-for-action that will move you past subconscious self-generated walls. Many of which you may not even be aware are in front of you and impacting your ability to manifest effortlessly.


Ready To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams?

You’ve been led to believe that the “perfect” life is nothing more than a fantasy… But we’re here to tell you that it’s REAL.

And there is a proven, step-by-step way to manifesting your own “perfect” life.

We’re living proof of it. And so are our proud students, who are out there, manifesting their dreams each and every day, shaping the circumstances and events around them.

Unshackle your mind and embrace your intrinsic power to make your dreams come true. It’s a divine capability you were born with that’s been suppressed for a long, long time.

And if you let things stay the way they are indefinitely… If you choose to let complacency and fear win the day… The only things you’re guaranteed are sadness, despair, loneliness, and regret.

Not the kind of company you deserve to keep. We know that “road to nowhere” can seem hopeless at times... But you’re on the cusp of a MAJOR turning point here.

A paradigm shift of EPIC proportions. The kind of transformational epiphany that’s going to make you feel you just woke up and saw the world for the first time.

So take the plunge and leave your “shadow” life behind for GOOD, and come discover just how FAST you can create unbelievable change in every single aspect of your life.

It's the upgrade to your internal operating system that you’ve been in desperate need of all this time.

Stop letting “Life” dictate to YOU what’s going to happen... It’s time for you to start calling the shots. You’re on the verge of having it ALL… Click the button below to find out what it feels like for yourself to be that powerful!

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